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Saturday, June 2, 2007

Anime -- Trinity Blood

So, one of my roommates started collecting an anime series after seeing some YouTube videos made from it. I've watched the first four episodes thus far, and find it intriguing. The series in question is called Trinity Blood. Or maybe it's TrinityBlood. Either way, it's good. Think of it as supernatural post-apocalyptic steampunk -- while not technically true, that's what it feels like from set and character design.

The first episode opens with a description of the end of the world, and what recovery humankind could make... and then vampires showed up. With those preliminaries out of the way, a traveling priest wheedling an airship flight attendant for some tea with a lot of sugar. She's called to the cockpit, and a vampire attacks while she's there, killing the crew and hijacking the airship. The priest (named Abel Nightroad) stumbles across this scene while trying to track down the attendant, and soon reveals himself to be a bit more than your average priest. A bit more than your average vampire, even.

Additional interesting characters come into play in later episodes, as well as an apparent divide in the world between humanity (represented by the Vatican and some other nations) and an eastern Empire run by the vampires -- and although early episodes give the impression that there is a definite conflict between the two, it becomes a bit less certain by the end of episode 4. Never mind the shadowy cabal in the background trying to antagonize things, of course....

It's interesting enough that I'll likely track more of it down at some point. It has been a while since I've let the anime fan out, after all...

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