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Saturday, May 26, 2007

What This Is About...

I'm sure you're wondering what the hell I think I'm doing.

Of all the podcasts I do, the closest I get to any kind of commentary, on geekery or otherwise, is really on I Wish I Had This Show In Real Life, but the drinks tend to sidetrack all sorts of neat trains of thought. And so, noticing several other friends maintaining blogs that have not so much to do with life stuff and what they're having for breakfast, and more to do with talking about TV, movies, books, and other interesting things they're doing.

In that case, I figure I should establish a few things about this blog.

What I have in mind at the moment is the occasional post about some specific piece of geeky fiction, in whatever form it comes. Different forms of the same thing will be handled separately, and judged on their own merits (so I don't want to hear it when I say I actually kind of liked the Starship Troopers movie). What I don't want to do is madly trash things in an attempt to become kewl on teh intarwebz; I happen to think there is quite enough negativity out there on the net. While I don't want to shy away from noting the problems I have with something, I will have reasons and won't just throw spittle-laced rants at the screen.

Comments will be pretty much open; I think I have them moderated at the moment, but I may switch that off and see how things go. Think along the lines of the above; hopefully we can all keep to that kind of standard.

And, of course, the spoiler question. Unless it's very recent (like, as of this posting, the season finale of Heroes) or the plot of something completely revolves around a spoiler (like The Sixth Sense) I will consider anything fair game here -- even that Heroes finale, in a few days. With all the means to catch a show nowadays, I figure that if you don't see it before reading it here, you either don't really care about the show or don't have time to read random blogs like this one. I'll probably wait a bit longer on theatrical movies, maybe wait until they're out of first run -- I'll have to play that by ear. The subscription feeds will be truncated, which may help that aspect of things.

Don't get me wrong -- I hate it when it's something I care about experiencing, and I understand that for others as well. I remember back on the moderated Babylon 5 newsgroup, years ago, someone complaining about people posting about the then in-the-works follow-on series Crusade, claiming the existence of a new series constituted a spoiler. C'mon, seriously... But I'll try to give suitable time if I'm talking about something current.

That said, I hope to talk about all kinds of geeky media, from TV and movies to books, and even music and podcasts.

Hope to have you along!

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