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Tuesday, July 3, 2007

General Administrativaramastuff

Sorry I've been away from this for so long; things have been rather busy in real life.

I'm working on what will eventually be an urban fantasy superhero novel (although lots of people seem to want it to be a game setting, so I'll likely do that too). I don't know that I'll actually do anything with it once I'm done. Maybe I'll podcast it. Maybe not. I'm actually starting over on it, after mainlining most of the available episodes of Mike Stackpole's The Secrets podcast. I've had a rather bad habit of editing as I write, and there are a lot of other things I've picked up that I think will help me a lot. Among other things, I've outlined the thing, and maybe I can get something decent out of it.

Seriously, though, if you fancy yourself a writer, you need to check out The Secrets.

I still need to put together a basic game system to present to the Steam-Powered Magical Axe Group. More on this as it advances, or listen to the various podcasts I'm part of; I probably mention it there.

Finally, there is work, where I've had to catch up on a lot after vacation, leaving me rather beat when I get home.

Look for more regular postings in the future, though. Tomorrow, I'm probably going out to see Transformers, and if I have time before the AGC recording, I'll post about it.

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